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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Protection Dogs for the Family!

Always have your protection dogSo many companies that have specialized in police and military dogs are now trying to supply family protection dogs. They would like to think that a police street dog or a detection dog can be a family dog. This is where they are sadly mistaken.

Our firm has dedicated all of its efforts to family and personal protection dogs since its inception. We stand by our beliefs that the police k9 dog is just too high of drive for the average person. These drives are needed to be on the street working everyday to protect and serve, but not for the family life style where the dog needs to know what to do if something comes up but doesn’t need to be looking for trouble. He must also be social enough to be with children and guests in the home. As well as being out in public places.

If a person is intending on doing you or your family harm a well trained protection dog will be there for you and be very capable of handling  the situation. Where having a higher drive dog like those used for police and military are harder to handle and less predictable in social situations.

The personal protection dog should be capable of playing with your children and protecting your family without being overly aggressive. The true protection dog is a relaxed and confident member of the family.