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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Protection Dog Benifits

Prior to beginning training, all dogs must first pass a temperament test. Our test provides us with information on how well the dog will protect itself, an area of property, it’s owner, and professionally evaluating the dog’s stability around friendly people.

All dogs delivered to families must be tested for CHILD SAFETY and be capable of understanding the differences in real life situations, threats, and normal lifestyle activities.

All dogs receive extensive training, evaluations, and real life scenarios.

Owners receive handling and voice command training while establishing a newer and stronger bond with their dog. Classes are taught on a one on one basis with an experienced professional trainer.Family protection dog


If you hear a noise at night you can give your dog a command to check it out and the children

If you decide to visit a park or soccer practice, children can safely approach and meet your dog

Your dog will work full voice and hand given commands on lead and off lead

Your dog will protect your vehicle and precious cargo from any unauthorized intruders

Dogs receive full Civil Control Training for stability and versatility in everyday family lifestyle

As an owner/handler you will receive one-on-one training in voice and hand given commands

Although your dog will be a trained property deterrent, you may still have friends and family over for visits.

By: Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor, Global K9 Group