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Global K9 Group offers trained and tested child-safe home and family guard dogs. Our dogs are extensively evaluated and chosen for their stability, intelligence, and courage. Our trainers supply exclusive On Site Buyer Introduction Training, instructions, with delivery worldwide. All Global K9 dogs are custom profiled and chosen for your specific family dynamic and lifestyle.Personal Protection dog

Since 1987 our Personal Protection dogs and Family Protection dogs have provided clients with extraordinary companionship and protection. Trained dogs are supplied to owners by Global K9 Group at various ages from puppies to adults. You may decide to receive a German Shepherd puppy with a training contract as young as 8 to 26 weeks old, or your family may need to purchase an older already trained adult dog.

Unparalleled companionship, love, and devotion, are only a part of our dog’s courage to put its life at risk to protect you and your family with the k9 training to back up its ability as a safe and protective home security alternative for the family. . These specially chosen dogs receive training in socialization, positive reinforcement, control, and obedience. Dogs used in families where small children are present are our extremely high caliber socially acceptable trained dogs.

The first step in acquiring a dog from Global K9 Group is to have our Chief Trainer profile your specific family dynamic to insure the dog supplied to you is a perfect match. During this call we will educate you on all the facets of our program. Our goal is for you as a buyer to make an educated and informed decision regarding the purchase of your new family member.


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