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Traveling with our Protection Dog

When taking a road trip with your best buddy you will want to make sure he is happy too. When I travel with my protection dog, I always carry bottled water and some dog food. The last thing either of us want to have happen on a trip is for him to get an upset tummy.Protection Dog ride

Dogs can be very sensitive to a change in water or diet. This is why when we are on the road my dog drinks bottled water; No it’s not Evian, it is grocery store water in the gallon jug, but bottled all the same. Water varies so much from one geographical area to another.

Change in diet can cause some horrible abdominal stress also. So be sure you have his food with you, or that it is easily found in stores. This will cause less stress on both of you, remember if you are stressed so is your dog.

Every now and again we will come across a candidate for protection dog training that has a problem with car sickness. This is something that needs to be corrected, in the early stages of training. Short trips can sometimes get the dog past it, but other dogs need more help.

There is a product called Happy Traveler: that is an all-natural herbal calming formula for stressed, nervous, or anxious dogs. I have found this to help greatly with car sickness. If it is used regularly, most cases will be cured after a while.

By: Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor Global K9 Group, LLC

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