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Protection Dogs for the Family!

Always have your protection dogSo many companies that have specialized in police and military dogs are now trying to supply family protection dogs. They would like to think that a police street dog or a detection dog can be a family dog. This is where they are sadly mistaken.

Our firm has dedicated all of its efforts to family and personal protection dogs since its inception. We stand by our beliefs that the police k9 dog is just too high of drive for the average person. These drives are needed to be on the street working everyday to protect and serve, but not for the family life style where the dog needs to know what to do if something comes up but doesn’t need to be looking for trouble. He must also be social enough to be with children and guests in the home. As well as being out in public places.

If a person is intending on doing you or your family harm a well trained protection dog will be there for you and be very capable of handling  the situation. Where having a higher drive dog like those used for police and military are harder to handle and less predictable in social situations.

The personal protection dog should be capable of playing with your children and protecting your family without being overly aggressive. The true protection dog is a relaxed and confident member of the family.

Buying a Protection Dog

Global K9 Group offers trained and tested child-safe home and family guard dogs. Our dogs are extensively evaluated and chosen for their stability, intelligence, and courage. Our trainers supply exclusive On Site Buyer Introduction Training, instructions, with delivery worldwide. All Global K9 dogs are custom profiled and chosen for your specific family dynamic and lifestyle.Personal Protection dog

Since 1987 our Personal Protection dogs and Family Protection dogs have provided clients with extraordinary companionship and protection. Trained dogs are supplied to owners by Global K9 Group at various ages from puppies to adults. You may decide to receive a German Shepherd puppy with a training contract as young as 8 to 26 weeks old, or your family may need to purchase an older already trained adult dog.

Unparalleled companionship, love, and devotion, are only a part of our dog’s courage to put its life at risk to protect you and your family with the k9 training to back up its ability as a safe and protective home security alternative for the family. . These specially chosen dogs receive training in socialization, positive reinforcement, control, and obedience. Dogs used in families where small children are present are our extremely high caliber socially acceptable trained dogs.

The first step in acquiring a dog from Global K9 Group is to have our Chief Trainer profile your specific family dynamic to insure the dog supplied to you is a perfect match. During this call we will educate you on all the facets of our program. Our goal is for you as a buyer to make an educated and informed decision regarding the purchase of your new family member.


Global Custom Life-Style Training

We at Global K9 Group are experienced protection dog trainers. Unlike many companies we do not just broker a titled dog. We feel that the dog with a working title needs to be trained for real life situations. This is why we developed “Global Custom Real-Life Training”. Protection dogs

A protection dog needs to have a level of suspicion to be effective in the real world. We every family guard dog that we supply goes through rigorous testing prior to the final training. This testing includes household behaviors, child friendliness, social skills along with many scenario’s of real life dangers.

We have put a new video on our home page depicting “Global Custom Life-Style Training”. Please, enjoy our work and let us know what you think. We enjoy supplying new family members and security.

Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor Global K9 Group

Global K9 Specializes in Family Protection Dogs

guard dog, protectiondogWe at Global K9 Group and Florida k9 Services have from the inception of our companies specialized in family protection dogs, personal protection dogs, guard dogs, and security dogs for the family.

Unlike most companies you find on the web, advertising a dog for your home with your children. They specialize in police and military dogs. These types of dogs are not usually suited for the family environment. They are much higher drive which can lead to rough play and occasionally an erroneous bite.

This is why we a Global K9 Group and Florida K9 Services, typically start with completely green dogs that we have imported. This way we can be sure that they have not been mis-handled or trained with negative
reinforcement. Many trainers use pinch collars and are much too hard on the dog. The dog should respond to your commands because he wants to not because he is afraid not to.

Shock collars aka e collars make a trainer look good but again it is negative reinforcement. You will need to carry a controller with you everywhere you go with your dog.

By: Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor Global K9 Group

When to Train Your New Protection Puppy

When contemplating training for your dog or puppy, you want to be sure that your dog is physically and mentally ready for what you are about to embark on.

If you are starting with a young puppy it is suggested to let him mature before getting into formal obedience classes. There are two reasons for this: one is that you don’t want your puppy to receive so much information at to young of an age. This can cause boredom which many times looks like rebellion. Focus on behavioral training until he reaches six months. The second is that a young puppy is much more susceptible to contagious illnesses. His immune system is not completely in place there for you are counting highly on everyone else to have been diligent in their care for their puppy. Let your puppy be a puppy, you wouldn’t want to put a two year old boy into the first grade.Global K9, Protection dog, Guard dog, Security Dog

Various parts of training are done once a dog reaches an appropriate age. For example; Obedience Training is done at a minimum age of 6
months old. Prior to that age the focus should be behavioral training such as housebreaking, excessive barking, chewing, etc. Territorial Training (car & home) is done at a minimum age of 8-9 months. Lastly, we do not do the full protection training on a dog until he/she is a minimum of 12 to 14 months old. It is important not to rush aggression training, so you have a dog that makes good decisions. A trained protection dog has to make mature decisions and if he learns the work at to young of an age he won’t have a good foundation to rely on.

By: Wendy Aston
Training Supervisor

Global K9 Group, Translates Dog Thoughts

Here I am trying to keep a low profile, due to my earlier discretion.  My mind wonders and ponders on a few subjects, which I am hoping to get some kind of answers puppies and cats

What’s up with cats? They don’t have to listen, or follow the rules. They have permission to get on the furniture, and when they ask me to play I get in trouble. If I run room to room, it means I need dog training. When the cat does it my people are looking for a camera. They never have to wear a leash.  They get spoiled and they don’t even have protection training.

If my people want me to bark when someone comes to the door, how come they won’t let me show off my protection dog training?

How come the sprinklers don’t stop when I bite them? People always do. Why can’t I chase the lawn mower? Why do people think I don’t want to play in the rain?

Just because I am looking at them while they are eating doesn’t mean I’m a beggar. Maybe I just love to watch them eat.

Translated by: Wendy Aston Training Supervisor, Global K9 Group


Protection dog releaseAs an active hiker and pet owner I find daily outside activities makes for a happy pet and calmer pet at home. It is so much safer for me to hike in remote places having my trained protection dog with me. My protection dog allows me to enjoy every bit of my hike without having to think about my security.
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Global K9 Play Time With Protection Dogs

K9 in training

k9 playroom

Many people believe that a personal protection dog shouldn’t be played with. On the contrary, a protection dog should use play to build and sustain the drives that are necessary to their job.
We encourage all of our clients as well as our staff to make work fun. If it is all work and no play your dog may become bored. When a dog becomes bored it can look like rebellion. They just go on strike; this is seen most in obedience training.
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Introducing Puppy To Your Family Guard Dog

dogs and puppiesWhen you introduce the puppy to your older dog, have both dogs on a leash so that you can control the situation if it goes a rye.

Once they have sniffed each other and you are satisfied with the behavior towards each other you can feel free to remove the leashes. I still wouldn’t leave them unattended; an older dog can intimidate a puppy very easily. Puppies on the other hand can totally annoy an older dog. It may take a while before they can be together unsupervised. Be patient, most of the time they will come to common ground.

I like to have the two dogs together while having quiet time. This lets them get comfortable with each other while trying to head off any jealousy. If they see that the love and affection is evenly disbursed they can relax about competing for all of your attention.

When raising a protection dog we try to get them exposed to as many other animals as possible. Including our cats and the horses down the road, we have even had the chance to get around some alpaca’s.

A good personal protection dog can work with the distraction of other animals.

teaching the word “NO”

Dog training:


When you first get your new dog you need to establish some ground rules. These can be a simple as not getting on the furniture or as complex as in which rooms play is allowed.Future protection dog 
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