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Protection Dog Benifits

Prior to beginning training, all dogs must first pass a temperament test. Our test provides us with information on how well the dog will protect itself, an area of property, it’s owner, and professionally evaluating the dog’s stability around friendly people.

All dogs delivered to families must be tested for CHILD SAFETY and be capable of understanding the differences in real life situations, threats, and normal lifestyle activities.

All dogs receive extensive training, evaluations, and real life scenarios.

Owners receive handling and voice command training while establishing a newer and stronger bond with their dog. Classes are taught on a one on one basis with an experienced professional trainer.Family protection dog


If you hear a noise at night you can give your dog a command to check it out and the children

If you decide to visit a park or soccer practice, children can safely approach and meet your dog

Your dog will work full voice and hand given commands on lead and off lead

Your dog will protect your vehicle and precious cargo from any unauthorized intruders

Dogs receive full Civil Control Training for stability and versatility in everyday family lifestyle

As an owner/handler you will receive one-on-one training in voice and hand given commands

Although your dog will be a trained property deterrent, you may still have friends and family over for visits.

By: Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor, Global K9 Group

Global K9 Specializes in Family Protection Dogs

We at Global K9 Group and Florida k9 Services have from the
inception of our companies specialized in family protection dogs, personal
protection dogs, guard dogs, and security dogs for the family.

Unlike most companies you find on the web, advertising a dog
for your home with your children. They specialize in police and military dogs.
These types of dogs are not usually suited for the family environment. They are
much higher drive which can lead to rough play and occasionally an erroneous
bite.guard dog

This is why we a Global K9 Group and Florida K9 Services,
typically start with completely green dogs that we have imported. This way we
can be sure that they have not been mis-handled or trained with negative
reinforcement. Many trainers use pinch collars and are much too hard on the
dog. The dog should respond to your commands because he wants to not because he
is afraid not to.

Shock collars aka e collars make a trainer look good but
again it is negative reinforcement. You will need to carry a controller with
you everywhere you go with your dog. You want your dog to perform for you without fear of consequences but because he wants to please you.

By: Wendy Aston, Global K9 Group

Obedience Training

The difference between Obedience training and Behavioral modification.


We get lots of calls and email everyday from people desperately wanting us to train their dogs in obedience.  We love building an understanding between dogs and their owners and are always excited to start working with a new team.

When asked what problems they are having we usually hear things like, jumping, chewing, ‘going’ inside the house, aggression towards dogs or people and being destructive.  We hear, “My dog just doesn’t listen, she needs obedience training!”  While we are happy to help, it is important that we point out the difference between Obedience and Behavioral issues.  Obedience training teaches your dogs commands, or cues.  These include commands such as to sit, stay, down, come, or heel. Obedience!

Behaviors on the other hand are things like, chewing, aggression, jumping and housebreaking.

Sometimes obedience training can help correct behavioral issues.  Teaching a dog to sit, can redirect a dog who is jumping for attention, for example. Behavioral

The reason it is important to stress the difference between the two is while we can certainly train a dog to learn and follow commands.  Behavioral issues can take more time, and consistent reinforcement.  Think about any bad habit you may have, and how it may take you a long time and much willpower to overcome it.

Make sure when looking for a trainer to help with your dogs behavioral issues that you understand the methods used and that you are comfortable doing them as you will be needing to consistently reinforce the behavior you desire.

By Andi Cates, Global K9 Group Trainer