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Global K9 Group, Choosing A Boarding Kennel

Global K9 Group dog boardingWhen you are searching for a boarding kennel there are key questions you need to ask. There are a lot of people in the boarding business which makes it harder to find the right one.

Ask if you can take a tour of the facility, this should be at any time (not scheduled). If they won’t let you see the kennel that is a bad sign. They should be more than willing to show you where your dog will be staying.

Is this all inclusive? Many kennels market the price per night to be competitive in the market, but then get you with the add-ons. I call them add-ons because they aren’t extras, for instance charging per meal and for administering medications and even exercise time.

At or Global K9 Group, Orlando dog boarding facility we feelthat meals have to be included, weather you bring your own food or you choose
to feed ours. Some kennels actually charge you more to feed your food, because they feel it is inconvenient.

Charging for medication administration is another “extra”. We at Global K9 Group feel that boarding means taking care of the dog. This means giving medications when needed.

Exercise time? We at Global K9 Group, feel every dog needs to go outside several times a day. If they don’t where do they use the bathroom? Again, why is this extra? If they don’t get exercise and time to go to the bathroom they will create much more work and be unhappy.

You will probably want to know what size area your dog will be kept in. Many facilities use crates, ask if they have kennel runs. A crate can be called a kennel but not a kennel run.

I hope this helps you put your mind at ease while out of town.

By Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor, Global K9 Group

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