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Global K9 Group, Translates Dog Thoughts

Here I am trying to keep a low profile, due to my earlier discretion.  My mind wonders and ponders on a few subjects, which I am hoping to get some kind of answers puppies and cats

What’s up with cats? They don’t have to listen, or follow the rules. They have permission to get on the furniture, and when they ask me to play I get in trouble. If I run room to room, it means I need dog training. When the cat does it my people are looking for a camera. They never have to wear a leash.  They get spoiled and they don’t even have protection training.

If my people want me to bark when someone comes to the door, how come they won’t let me show off my protection dog training?

How come the sprinklers don’t stop when I bite them? People always do. Why can’t I chase the lawn mower? Why do people think I don’t want to play in the rain?

Just because I am looking at them while they are eating doesn’t mean I’m a beggar. Maybe I just love to watch them eat.

Translated by: Wendy Aston Training Supervisor, Global K9 Group

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