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Global K9 Specializes in Family Protection Dogs

guard dog, protectiondogWe at Global K9 Group and Florida k9 Services have from the inception of our companies specialized in family protection dogs, personal protection dogs, guard dogs, and security dogs for the family.

Unlike most companies you find on the web, advertising a dog for your home with your children. They specialize in police and military dogs. These types of dogs are not usually suited for the family environment. They are much higher drive which can lead to rough play and occasionally an erroneous bite.

This is why we a Global K9 Group and Florida K9 Services, typically start with completely green dogs that we have imported. This way we can be sure that they have not been mis-handled or trained with negative
reinforcement. Many trainers use pinch collars and are much too hard on the dog. The dog should respond to your commands because he wants to not because he is afraid not to.

Shock collars aka e collars make a trainer look good but again it is negative reinforcement. You will need to carry a controller with you everywhere you go with your dog.

By: Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor Global K9 Group

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