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Global K9 Communication with your Guard dog

As with any relationship communication with your dog is of paramount importance.  If you have good communications you have a successful partnership.

We at Global K9 Group, insist that the dog be told what is expected of him. If your dog knows what you want there is a much higher percentage that you will get it. Commands don’t always have to be verbal; your dog has a very high Protection dogsassociative nature. Using their strong association we can achieve a communication without saying anything.

With all of our protection dogs, we use this very often in teaching the dog how to read any given situation. Your dog reads your body language as well as your verbal ques.

In the early stages of training we work with very deliberate and consistent movements to get the dog understanding what is expected. Then we work to a more natural motion, then anything that is inconsistent the dog pays more attention to.

Once you think about how associative your dog is it will surprise you. Note that your dog knows when you pick up your keys that you are leaving. The dog doesn’t know that the keys go to the car and house; he just knows that you pick them up every time that you leave.

A well trained dog uses this association in all of its exercises and real life.

By: Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor, Global K9 Group

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