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Having A Protection Dog In An RV.

We travel in our RV quite often, finding a pet friendly campground is much easier now a day. The world has become so much more accepting of people traveling with their puppy

Having a family protection dog with us on the road gives us peace of mind.  We also get the enjoyment of, spending quality time with our dog. While on the road we get a chance to brush up on all of our training maneuvers and socialization.

Of course you must remember to obey the park rules regarding leashing your pet and picking up after him. It is really nice when we find a place that has a designated dog run area where we can let him go off lead and play ball and run.

Remember before heading out on the road with your personal protection dog, plan ahead. This way you will have the best experience with your dog, and some freedom for him to enjoy also. Be sure to have extras of any medications your dog may be on. You will also want to carry a copy of his shot records just in case.

Be vigilant these are new surroundings to your dog; he doesn’t have any reference to where home is if you get separated. A good family guard dog will not separate from the family, but curiosity can get the best of us.

By: Wendy Aston, Global K9 Group, LLC

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