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Obedience Training

The difference between Obedience training and Behavioral modification.


We get lots of calls and email everyday from people desperately wanting us to train their dogs in obedience.  We love building an understanding between dogs and their owners and are always excited to start working with a new team.

When asked what problems they are having we usually hear things like, jumping, chewing, ‘going’ inside the house, aggression towards dogs or people and being destructive.  We hear, “My dog just doesn’t listen, she needs obedience training!”  While we are happy to help, it is important that we point out the difference between Obedience and Behavioral issues.  Obedience training teaches your dogs commands, or cues.  These include commands such as to sit, stay, down, come, or heel. Obedience!

Behaviors on the other hand are things like, chewing, aggression, jumping and housebreaking.

Sometimes obedience training can help correct behavioral issues.  Teaching a dog to sit, can redirect a dog who is jumping for attention, for example. Behavioral

The reason it is important to stress the difference between the two is while we can certainly train a dog to learn and follow commands.  Behavioral issues can take more time, and consistent reinforcement.  Think about any bad habit you may have, and how it may take you a long time and much willpower to overcome it.

Make sure when looking for a trainer to help with your dogs behavioral issues that you understand the methods used and that you are comfortable doing them as you will be needing to consistently reinforce the behavior you desire.

By Andi Cates, Global K9 Group Trainer

2 Responses to Obedience Training

  1. Susan Barker
    Aug 13, 2013
    08:06:48 am

    This distinction is an important one, but obedience training goes a long way to improve the relationship between dog and owner, which definitely helps with behavioral issues. Since you worked with my dog Sadie, our relationship has improved 100-fold. As a result, she is so much more likely to want to please me and to curtail behaviors of which she knows I disapprove. Each day I see her looking to me more often to see what it is I want of her. It’s incredibly endearing and builds the bond between us so that it’s even stronger.

  2. Patty
    May 12, 2014
    05:08:45 pm

    I have an almost 2 year old female springer who in the last 2 months has started destroying paper and books. If I put her in her crate she poops about in her crate about 25% of the time. Each of these occurrences happens when I am away from the house never when I am home. Any ideas?

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