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Protection dog releaseAs an active hiker and pet owner I find daily outside activities makes for a happy pet and calmer pet at home. It is so much safer for me to hike in remote places having my trained protection dog with me. My protection dog allows me to enjoy every bit of my hike without having to think about my security.

When weather is nice I enjoy taking my dog hiking in pet friendly places. This gives me some extra exercise as well as my pet. Keeping him on a long leash allows for him to have a little fun time and stretch him legs. Once in an environment he can be off lead I always have a tennis ball handy to throw for that extra run and exercise.

Look to your local state parks or recreation area’s to find out where you can go with your dog. Of course always follow the rules for leash laws in these facilities. Come prepared with a copy of your dogs vaccine history and plenty of water to hydrate your pet when outside. You can even get “doggie back packs” for your large breed pets to help you tote around the shot records, water and toys. Enjoy your time outside with your pet and you will find, in return your pet will enjoy time inside with you.

By: Sharon Burch, Senior Trainer Global K9 Group, LLC

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