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Properly Trained Protection Dog

Family Protection Dogs should be trained to the highest standards for interaction in homes with and without small children. Basically, these dogs are meant to become a valuable ‘dual personality’ member of the family.Protection dogs

Properly bred and raised dogs have a flatter curve relating to their various drives .  On that curve is a strong level of ‘stability’, which is most important for social situations.  When a dog is properly temperament tested the results will show that the dog is willing to position himself between a family member and a criminal, and also be friendly to friendly people. The owner of a well trained protection dog should be comfortable taking their dog any-where with anyone present. Properly trained protection dogs should do its job in any environment, at home or away.

You should feel comfortable having dinner guest in her home while the dog is present. Also safely deliver her children and the neighborhood kids to the soccer game. Then, while being a spectator at the game, friendly visitors can comfortably meet the dog and visit without fear of getting hurt.

If any adult family member decides to go for a walk the dog should work extraordinary obedience on lead and off lead. Of course family members will want to walk in public areas with their dog on lead. If the handler decides to stop and talk with a friendly person, the dog will quietly sit by their side. However, if someone decides to grab or become aggressive with a member of the family, the dog will automatically disable the attacker.


By: Wendy Aston, Global K9 Group, LLC

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