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protection dogs and children

People often ask if our personal protection dogs are good with children. Here at Global K9 Group we have an extensive testing program for all of the dogs to be placed in homes. We are very sensitive to the reaction of a dog while with children.Personal protection dogs

This is why every dog at our facility is socialized with children on a regular schedule. We also have the children do things that the dog might not expect, while we are supervising and noting all of the reactions. We even gauge our dogs as to whether they like to participate in play or just want to be a spectator. If for any reason we feel that there was even the slightest negative reaction that dog is no longer a candidate for placement in a home with children.

When we are raising the dogs form our Slowdancer breeding line, they are socialized with children from the age of 4 weeks until they leave us. All of our puppies go into family protection dog training. With our 47 litter history we can guaranty the puppies to excel in the training and interaction with the family.

With our puppies a client can choose to take the pup as young as 8 weeks or opt to have us keep it until it completes his/her obedience training. Then the dog will come back to us to complete the protection training portion when it is of the proper age.

By: Wendy Aston, Global K9 Group, LLC

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