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Raising A New Puppy Geared For Protection

I am starting with a new Rottweiler puppy. He comes from very good lines and has a lot of drive. Which, has made for a real challenge in the patients department. I keep telling myself patients, persistence, and consistency and he will turn out perfect. So, I figure everyone that reads my blogs can benefit from my experience.

I am working on getting him to come when called. Not to chew everything that is in sight. And, quiet time…which is a big one during football season.

His name is Mo, so I am using German commands in his behavioral training. I don’t want him to become confused with:  ‘No’ and ‘Mo’. He is 11 weeks old and confusion is the last thing we need in any aspect of dog training. I am sure some people think his name is ‘nein’ the German word for ‘No’.puppies

We are consistently taking things away from him correcting with a stern voice, then giving him something he is allowed to have and praising him. He is starting to figure out what is his and what isn’t. Everything needs to be positive, that way he will be confident when he is big.

Every time he comes to us when called we get very happy with him so he will want to do it again.

Quiet time on the other hand is taking some peanut butter in his Kong. That will keep him busy for quite some time. I also have given him some polypropylene rope to chew; it makes a good crunch and is good for his gums.

I will keep you posted on our next step.

By: Wendy Aston, Global K9 Group, LLC

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