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Remembering A Lost Friend

Being in the dog business people seem to think that we don’t have what we call personal dogs. It is truly a passion to work with dogs, and to be able to experience the unconditional love they give us. We at Global K9 Group, all have our own dogs to help us appreciate what a client is going through.

In raising and training personal protection dogs, we get very deep into the personality of the individual dogs. This makes the relationship that much more. With our own dogs we can see the possibilities of every dog that we work with. Knowing that they strive to please us but once they fall completely in love they work even better.

Having a dog that is a partner in your life is such a benefit, that we try hard not to take it for granted. Which as with anything if you have always had it you don’t appreciate it as much as you probably should. This is where having lost a dog that is so special to you, is a reminder that you can’t imagine life without a dog..

We are known for memorializing our dogs after they have past. We will have a private cremation and get just the right box with a brass tag saying who they were to us. We also have graphics and portraits done to keep them in our lives.

One of our clients has started a business with graphics she has found a way to once again keep our best friend in sight even after we have lost them.

By: Wendy Aston, Training Supervisor, Global K9 Group, LLC

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