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Camp K9 – Florida K9 Services

All Breed Obedience Boot Camp

The original Private Obedience Dog School and Puppy Training in the Southeast United States

-Florida dog trainer staffed private dog obedience school-

-Obedience dog training with professional dog trainer-

-Private dog obedience and puppy training classes with a top dog trainer-

Global K9 Group dog boarding

We are the original Florida obedience dog trainer specializing in obedience training for all breeds of dogs. Our Obedience Boot Camp serves the entire United States. For the past 30 years our firm has been providing professional dog training. We are located in the central Florida area, and will provide pickup and delivery of your dog.

Once your dog has completed the 2 week Boot Camp, you will receive handling lessons. This will insure your dog will work for you as well as for our trainers. Our program is designed around positive reinforcement techniques and lots of praise.

Your dog will learn to heel properly with a loose leash, and automatically stop and sit when you stop. Your dog will stay on command and come when called. We incorporate this into real life with stop and sit at doors and before entering the vehicle. All with voice and hand commands.

We do not use pinch collars or e-collars, we use smooth chain collars or Martingale which is a nylon training collar.

The cost for our program is $1500.00 we take half down when we pick up your dog and half when your dog has completed the program. The results are guaranteed in a formal contract.

We can truly guarantee the performance of your dog, because we are training your dog not teaching you to train your dog. Other programs will teach you and not your dog. We designed this program to serve the busy lifestyles of today.

Remember Praise, Praise and more Praise!

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