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Amazing Health & Training Warranties and After Delivery Guarantees for Protection Dogs.

Global K9 Sales Policies and Warranties for Protection Dogs, Guard Dogs, and Security Dogs

We Will Deliver Your New Security Dog And Train You Anywhere!

  • Dog Sales and Client Delivery with Training Worldwide
  • Written Policies and Warranties Offered At the Point of Sale
  • Detailed Formal Contract Guaranties
  • Child Safe Canine Obedience and Guard Dog training for Families and Property
  • K9 victim assistance for executives, runners, and handicapped companions
  • Family Protection Dogs
  • Family Guard dogs
  • Home Security Dogs
  • Executive Protection Dogs

Tested child Safe trained Home Security dogs and trained Personal Protection Dogs and Family Guard Dogs are custom profiled and chosen for unique lifestyles. Home guard dogs for sale with buyer introduction training may be delivered anywhere worldwide with our exclusive ‘On Site’ owner training program.

We also provide Executive Protection Dogs, security dogs, and guard dogs. Our firm provides professionally trained quality German Shepherd Personal Protection dogs. We are breeders of Family Security dogs with K9 Obedience training all for your self-defense and companionship.

Professional executive protection dogs and family protection dogs are carefully selected for courage, temperament, intelligence, safety and stability. Each dog’s characteristics are measured and profiled for your lifestyle.

Our trained dogs display unparalleled companionship, love, self-defense, and devotion. The courage to put its life at risk to protect you and your family, and the  training to back up its ability as a  safe and protective home security alternative for the family.

Good Reasons Why You Can Feel At Ease with the Global K9 Group Personal Protection Dog Program

  • Formal Training And Purchase Sales Contract With Actual Training Criteria
  • Clearly Listed Written Proof Of Performance Guarantee For The Life Of The Dog
  • Two Year Health Warranty On All Dogs Sold
  • Extensive Buyer/Handler Instruction Programs
  • On Location Delivery, Client Introduction, And Training Anywhere In The World

Product Policies And Information: Global K9 Group: Our companies were formed in 1987. We have supplied literally hundreds of trained working dogs placed throughout the world. Our company has its main kennel facility and training center in Sanford Florida just outside Orlando. We have numerous affiliate divisions including the All Breed Obedience Boot Camp, our Florida K9 Services, Inc. company, Slowdancer German Shepherd Breeding Lines, and our Animal Inn Of Orlando dog Boarding Facility.

Environmental Placement: According to our computers, 93 % of our dogs have gone into homes with children under twelve years old. 89% have gone into homes with other pets, including dogs, cats, birds, livestock, etc.

Levels of Dogs: Our dogs can ONLY be purchased with full training contracts in Obedience only, or Guard dog training. Our dogs range in levels including low, mid, and upper Level A Personal Protection Dogs to our Level B Business Security dogs and Guard dogs.

Purchase Parameters Of Dogs: Dogs and puppies can ONLY be purchased from our company with owner handling instructions, training warranties, replacement policies, and health guarantees.

Dog Breeds: Breeds of dogs sold by Global K9 are typically the German Shepherd. However, if any reasonably sized dog is able to pass our stringent evaluation standards and criteria testing we will market and train numerous other breeds upon request. Eighty five percent of the dogs we have placed into clients lifestyles are German Shepherd Dogs, because of their extraordinary stability and intelligence. For more detailed information on exactly what you can expect from one of our Trained Dogs please click on Trained Dog Benefits.

Training Ages: Ages for German Shepherds sold by our firm range from eight weeks old through adults. Other breeds sold by us range in ages from six months old through adults. Various types of our training are only done at an appropriate age of the dog. For example; Behavioral Training such as housebreaking, excessive barking, chewing, biting, etc is done prior to six months old.. Obedience Training is done at a minimum age of six to seven months old. Territorial Training (car & home) is done at a minimum of eight to nine months of age. Lastly, we do not instruct the dog in full Protection Dog Training until the dog reaches a minimum of twelve to fourteen months old. Owners and handlers are also trained after the dog progresses through its various stages of training. For more information on our puppies and breeding lines please click on Slowdancer German Shepherds.

Dog And Training Packages: Our dogs are always priced COMPLETE with training, warranties, and owner Handling instructions. Once we quote a price, a contract shall be written for the complete dog and training delivered to you in Orlando Florida or anywhere worldwide. When applicable, shipping cost for your new dog and trainer travel expenses will be added to your total charges. Either way you will receive a quality dog with professional training for much less than you can purchase the same level dog and training elsewhere.

Costs for our Obedience/Personal Protection Dogs include the dog, medical examinations,  training for the dog and handler, maintenance videos, and lifetime training warranties.

Profiling Your Needs And Lifestyle: Our company will spend a great deal of time profiling a dog for you and your family. This profile is based on your needs, unique lifestyle, age of immediate family members, specific environment, and your expectations of performance.

Delivery And Introduction Worldwide: Our all inclusive prices for packages of trained protection dogs with ‘on site’ owner training, introduction, and warranties range in costs depending on your delivery requirements and our profile analysis. Our least expensive packages consider your acceptance of your dog and training in Orlando, Florida USA. Remember, we are available to come to your home town and introduce our trained dog directly into your family, while providing you and your family with professional handler training. If you wish, our handlers will spend three to four days in your home town providing new dog introduction to the family, and handler training. All travel expense, shipping cost, medical examinations, port documentation, plus expenses for hotels, food, automobile, etc. for two trainers and your new dog, will be included.

All Inclusive Pricing: Prices for our packages of Trained Obedience/Protection Dogs with ‘on site’ owner training, introduction, and warranties range in prices starting at $ 15,500.00. Imported dogs from Europe versus non imported dogs will naturally be priced in accordance to initial acquisition costs of the dog by our firm.

Our “all inclusive” prices include trained dogs with owner handling, introduction, and warranties delivered anywhere in the US, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, parts of Central America and Europe. Delivery costs, transportation, trainer expenses, and all other subsistence are added to the above listed charges.

Getting Started: Next, in order to get an idea of exactly how one of our dogs will fit into your family atmosphere, you need to contact our offices directly at (407) 339-2275. You may reach us during normal business hours 9:00 am to 6:00 PM EST Monday – Friday or 9:00am to 1:00PM EST Saturdays. Our staff will be glad to answer any further questions you may have regarding our fine dogs and training. For special times call to schedule.

Once you have reviewed this page do yourself and your family a favor and click on the Knowledge Base for important information relating to choosing a trained dog. We promise you will not regret getting answers to frequently asked questions.

If you wish to see a picture catalogue of various dogs that are currently available, you may want to click on our Dogs for sale.

Hopefully we have helped to answer some of your questions, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Global K9 Group has trained protection dogs including trained German Shepherds and other breeds of protection guard dogs since 1987. If you are interested in finding out more about our security dogs and would like us to contact you about our guard dogs then please fill out the submission form to receive more information about our personal protection dogs for sale Introduction training may be delivered anywhere worldwide with our exclusive ‘On Site’ owner training and introduction program.

We also provide Executive Protection dogs, Security Dogs, and Guard Dog partners. Our firm provides professionally trained quality German Shepherd Security and Guard dogs.