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The Level ‘A’ Family and Home Protection Dog

At Global K9 Group we provide trained dogs nationally and internationally for family companionship and ultimate home protection.

The Level ‘A’ dog is our tested Child Safe Family Protection Dog professionally trained for home protection and companion security. These specially chosen dogs receive training in socialization, positive reinforcement, control, and obedience. Dogs used in families where small children are present are our extremely high caliber socially acceptable trained dogs.

Our Level ‘A’ Family Protection Dogs are trained to the highest standards for interaction in homes with and without small children. Basically, our dogs are meant to become a valuable ‘dual personality’ family member.  Over 90% of all our various levels of working dogs end up in some type of family atmosphere.

Global K9 delivers trained dogs of many breeds. However, our most common family protection dogs and personal protection dogs are German Shepherds, typically imported from Germany. 89% delivered worldwide in our 26 year history went to in homes with other pets.

Properly bred and raised German Shepherds have a flatter curve relating to their various drives. On that curve is a strong level of ‘stability’, which is most important for social interactions. Global K9 Group only uses temperament tested dogs that if positioned between a family member and a criminal, are willing to die before they will step aside. We want owners of our dogs to be comfortable taking their dogs anywhere with anyone present.  Dogs trained for protection of family members and property are not restricted to only inside the home.  We want Mom to feel comfortable having dinner guests in her home while the dog is present. She can safely deliver her children and the neighborhood kids, to the soccer game with the dog present. Then, while she is a spectator at the game, friendly visitors can comfortably meet the dog and visit without fear of getting hurt.

If any adult family member decides to go for a walk the protection dog works extraordinary obedience on-lead and off-lead. Of course, family members will want to walk in public areas with their protection dog on lead. If the Global K9 trained family handler decides to stop and talk with a friendly person, the dog will automatically sit by their side. However, if someone decides to grab or become aggressive with a member of the family, the highly trained protection dog will automatically disable the attacker and set up a five-foot invisible circle around family members where it will deter up to 5 adults at one time.

As the family comes home to a dark empty house the dog will immediately alert on any intruders prior to family members entering the home. When a stranger comes to the home for a visit, the fully trained protection dog is not put away outside or in a back room. The protection dog will be beside the family member answering the door, and then if acceptable proper commands will allow the stranger to be escorted to an area in the home chosen by the family member. While the stranger is temporarily in the home the dog will not leave the family member’s side until the stranger leaves the property. And, if the stranger becomes unruly or if the family member wishes to extract the stranger from the home or property, the dog will react with precise offensive abilities towards the stranger.

Global K9’s training teaches the protection dog never to waste time interviewing prospective burglars or intruders. The family protection dog does not care if an intruder wishes to pilfer a piece of silverware, or has decided to assault a family member, the protection dog treats all intruders the same. In the protection dogs’ mind unless a trained family member has accepted a visitor into the home the trained dog  feels the intruder must not attempt to come uninvited into our home, car, or hurt a family member.

Our positive re-enforcement training methods promote dogs to become extremely close to family members while still maintaining a strict attention to security and personal welfare. Dedicated to its family our trained dogs are warranted for certain health and training standards for basically the life of the dog.

Dogs are sold with formal contracts guaranteeing performance and health. Training for the dog and family members is listed and guaranteed with a written ‘proof of performance’ on all activities listed.

Purchasing a trained protection dog from Global K9 Group includes profiling the client’s needs, educating the new owners of our various techniques, and providing aid in the choosing of a dog acceptable to the family’s lifestyle.

Choosing a trained Personal Protection dog is more involved than afforded by a few words in an e-mail. Therefore, we will attempt to start you on the correct road to education and understanding.

One of the things that have made our company so successful is the manner in which we totally explain all aspects of our business before and after the sale. Initially, it is a good idea to visit certain areas of our web site that directly relate to our company, our philosophies, and our training.

Thank you for your interest and time. We look forward to hearing from you and your family.