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FAQ Knowledge Base Regarding the Purchase
of Trained Personal Protection Dogs

Thank you for your inquiry. It is best for you to contact our company for assistance in developing a profile of personal protection dogs that fit your needs and lifestyle.

If the dog you are wishing to purchase will be used as a Family Protection Dog, it is preferable to set up a telephone schedule in advance. That scheduled call should conference you and your significant other, if applicable, Sales Of a Protection Dog with our Chief Trainer. Our agenda at this point is to educate you and your family on this very important endeavor of bringing another family member into your lives.

Purchasing family security dogs from Global K9 Group includes the profiling of the clients needs, educating you in our various techniques, and aid in choosing from a variety of working dogs which are acceptable to the family’s needs and desires.

Please review the following FAQ.

Q: I have searched the internet and my local newspapers for a dog for my family. Are your dogs similar to those advertised by breeders and pet shops ?

A: Our firm is one of less than a half dozen companies located in the U.S. that supply trained Family and Personal Protection dogs at the very highest level. Many internet sites offer trained dogs for a variety of needs including self defense, but very few are capable of acquiring and training dogs at a level that facilitate not only security but safety for family members and the general public.

Q: Do I need an imported dog ?

A: Many imported dogs such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers can be fine candidates. However, it is not uncommon for import suppliers to provide dogs that are seriously less than stable and physically unsound. We typically import dogs from Europe. However, we do not determine a dogs value based on where it is born. We are mostly concerned with the dogs’ soundness, integrity, and care given by the breeder using professional techniques established for the raising of the dog from early years. Don’t be fooled into assuming all foreign breeders have the proper credentials to breed and raise sound dogs. Conversely, we must not assume all domestic providers are as capable either. Recent events in the world have made working dogs a greater commodity.

An enormous number of less than professional parties, claiming to provide trained dogs, have recently emerged. Characteristically, many unscrupulous or untalented ‘importers’ receive dogs trained in various manners and levels from overseas. They then pass these dogs onto the public with no onsite training, proper guarantees, or long term maintenance abilities. A recent survey showed less than 20% of the dog trainers on the internet have not been established in the dog training business, full time, for five years or longer. Do you need an import dog? Maybe, if you decide on purchasing an imported dog you should always get breed and registration credentials, contract agreements, written warranties, and references.

Q: Do I need training when accepting a trained dog into my family?

A: Absolutely! Go to the trainer or insist the trainer comes to you for introductions, instructions, handling and obedience training lessons. Receiving a working dog in a cage, with a video tape all from your local airport is not only unsafe for you and your family, it is an insult to you and the dog.

Q: What are the basic dog characteristics that determine a dogs’ ability to qualify for a high level of training and competence?

A: The best rule of thumb for a successful working dog’s ultimate criteria is around 30% breeding and 70% in the raising of the dog. Good solid breeding,  post and prenatal care, and a serious commitment to providing correct levels of discipline and socialization are the greatest qualifiers.

Q: At what age dog should I look to purchase a quality Global K9 dog?

A: Depending on your immediacy of security, your family’s lifestyle, and personal needs, dogs are supplied at various ages. Global K9 may provide you with puppies as young as 8 weeks of age all the way up through adults. Our company begins training at the following minimum ages: Housebreaking 12 to 14 weeks, Obedience training at 6 months minimum, territorial and vehicle protection exercises at 8 to 9 months, and protection and bite work 12 to 14 months minimum.

Q: Can my dog be around children outside my home?

A: Our level ‘A’ dogs can be taken to social and sporting events while safely meeting children and friendly adults with no concerns for their safety.

Q: Does my dog need to be extraordinarily large?

A: Properly trained protection adult dogs over 58 pounds in weight can typically take down a full grown man if, properly trained. Females are generally 15 – 20 lighter than males in most large breed working dogs. But, with proper training, females will be a very adequate adversary to a criminal. Because of the nature of this type of work we like our females to range between 58 and 75 pounds, and our males to range 75 to 95 pounds. (dog weights are usually grossly exaggerated by many dog owners, breeders, and trainers).

Q: Can my children roughhouse with each other?

A: Yes, all family members are part of the ‘pack’ in the eyes of your new dog. Properly trained dogs observe ‘pack’ members to not be a serious threat to each other.

Q: How hard is it to find a qualified candidate for personal and family protection training?

A: According to our computers, we temperament test nearly 25 pure bred German Shepherd adults before we choose one for level ‘A’ family protection training. Many suppliers of dogs are not nearly as critical. Sorry, we will not cut corners when it comes to a member of your family. Sometimes you may need to wait a little longer for a dog that matches your lifestyle profile.

Q: What breed of dog is best to have trained as a protection dog for my family?

A: In the 26 years of our company’s history nearly 93% of our clients have children under the  age of 12 years  because of our unique clientel we typically use German Shepherds for their extraordinary stability. And obviously, German Shepherds are also very courageous and intelligent.

Q: Who should have command control in the home of a protection dog?

A: All adult members of the household. We do not typically give command control to children under the age of 16 years. Consistency in commands on a steady basis is very important to maintaining accuracy and compliance with a well trained dog.

Q: Do I need to get rid of my existing pets in order to bring a protection dog into my

A: No. In the past 26 years 89% of the dogs we have delivered have gone into homes with other pets. If you have other dogs, the sex of your new dog will most likely be determined by the sex of your existing pet dog. Cats, birds, horses, chickens, goats, etc.; should not be a problem.

Q: How much should I be looking to spend for a properly trained personal protection dog?

A: Legitimate suppliers of trained dogs to the public charge all inclusive flat fees for their dogs, training, guarantees, and follow-up maintenance. The price will vary depending on several factors: the cost of acquiring and raising a dog, the time expended by the company in training the dog, delivery costs, the training for you, and, of course, reasonable overhead. If ever there ever was an example of the adage “you get what you pay for”, it is perfect for the dog business. A properly trained dog with support and guarantees should cost you upwards of $15,500.00. A dog that may be a serious liability to you and the public can be purchased for much less but cost you considerably more in the long run.

Thank you again for your attention and inquiry. For further information on capabilities, warranties, training, guarantees, performance, and pricing for fully trained dogs please click on our Gallery Of Dogs For Sale.

To answer more detailed questions and create a profile of a dog that will be just right for your needs please contact me directly at 407-339-2275 . Or feel free to fill out the contact form on the upper left side of this page.