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“A “story” about Raskin. My husband wanted a dog from Global K9, I wasn’t so thrilled about a “big” dog but went along with it. Within the first year he had earned his forever home with us. I was out working in the yard when out youngest came toddling behind me. I heard “Momma” and then a loud rattle. I turned and saw a Rattle snake between my son and I. Next thing I knew, Raskin came running. He got between my son and the snake and gently backed my son up so that I could get to him. The snake struck but thankfully missed. He then followed me to the porch where he placed himself towards the snake but wouldn’t leave our side making sure we were ok. Raskin is a perfect fit for our family of 5 children and 3 other smaller dogs.”Tina M P South Dakota

***************************************************************************************************************************** I’ve never considered myself to be a dog person, but Gunner has completely changed my mind. He has a huge personality to go along with his size, and he brightens up the entire house. He’s loyal, patient, protective, and the sweetest goofball I’ve ever met. I honestly can’t imagine my life without him. I could fill pages with gushing praise, but here’s an example of just one of the many times Gunner has kept me safe. A few weeks ago Gunner and I went on our nightly jog and we stopped at a crosswalk to wait for the light to change. Across the street was a huge, shady looking man in grimy clothing who was staring at me and shifting around on the sidewalk. Although we were passing through a suburban area, there weren’t a lot of streetlights and I could tell that the man didn’t notice Gunner. Before the light could change he came towards us, so I started to cross the street in an attempt to move past him. He shoved one hand in his pocket, continuing to stare at my face, and I felt like he was going to try and attack me. I could feel myself panicking,and was so terrified that I didn’t know what to do. But Gunner did. He moved from my side to stand directly in front of me, plastering his body against me so that I couldn’t move whatsoever. He began growling loudly with his hair straight up along his back, tail up. The man looked at Gunner and hesitated, then turned and started speed walking down the side of the street away from us. We began walking again and I stopped about a block up to kneel down and just hug him because I knew that he had, without any doubt, saved my life. That man intended to harm me, and I don’t even like to think about what would have happened to me if Gunner hadn’t been there. I’m so grateful that Gunner was able to step up when I was paralyzed. Physically, I can’t protect myself. Gunner gives me the freedom to go where I want and not fear for my well being. I truly sleep better, I feel safer in my home and in my car, and I can exercise at night without worry. As a young woman, I feel that a personal protection dog is the best investment in my safety that I could have made. I can’t thank Sharon, Andy, Wendy, and Terry enough for all of their help, support, and tireless attention. Thanks for happily answering all of my random questions, and for calling to keep tabs on the two of us. Everyone at Global K9 has gone above and beyond to make sure that Gunner and I are a perfect fit. Hope you all have a great holiday and please tell Terry that I hope he’s been feeling better. You guys are seriously the best. 🙂 Thank you all! Aimee, California *************************************************************************************************************************

Global K9,
Damn, Milo is good! We had an earthquake yesterday – largest earthquake here since 1898 and registering at 5.9. What was impressive about this earthquake was that it lasted for over 45 seconds and was felt from North Carolina to Toronto, Canada and as far east as Michigan.
The kids had never been in an earthquake and didn’t know what it was, only that the entire house was shaking all around them. Milo started barking nonstop just before the earthquake started, which gave everyone a heads up that something wasn’t right. He only barks when he needs to alert you that something is off. Our housekeeper yelled for the kids to get out of the house and what did my wonderful dog do? He ran to my youngest, the 7 year old, let her take him by the collar and walked out of the house with her. He stayed by her side, although he was still keyed up because the other kids weren’t out of the house yet. Once the entire family was outside together, he just laid down and acted as if it was a normal, everyday experience.
I didn’t realize he was trained in bringing calm to chaos, as well! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my dog!
Shannon M., Virginia

 ************************************************************************************************************************* Global K9 Group…… Wendy….I hate we did not get to meet you when we picked up DJ. I LOVED the conversations we had on the phone!!   You guys have great people working for you!  Love, love, love Sharon and Andy!!  Sorry we haven’t been in touch sooner but I remember Sharon saying no news is good news. We LOVE DJ!!  I will send some pics from my iPhone. He has fit in so well here. He travels with us everywhere.  He is truly a piece of puzzle that fits. We are so pleased with him. And, Sharon, please forgive me but I did ask him to join me on the couch a couple of times.  I feel so guilty when I do…lol. He doesn’t stay long. I think he feels guilty too. 🙂 Y’all feel like family. If there is anything we can ever do, please let us know! Ron, Sherri and Jake ************************************************************************************************************************* Hello Global K9 Group, Duke is a great dog!.   No problem with protection, he is quick to react to noises and changes.   He loves Jim now.   He walks the canyon daily, about 480 feet up and down  and about 5 miles and get super excited about his walks and car rides. We have taken him 120 miles to Boise  twice since being back, and have lunch and shop and he does well in the car. He eats well, I am not sure of his current weight. He is totally spoiled of course!! Thanks for all your help with training etc. Cheers, Jane, Colorado ************************************************************************************************************************* Global K9 and staff, I knew you guys were the same business but that’s why we came to you guys because we knew we would get an intelligent dog that would be good for us. That is EXACTLY what we got. We love Ben and he is all that we could of dreamed of in a dog. We have left food on the counter, he never touched it, he has not chewed up one thing or touched one flower, he has not even stepped on one. Since you guys have came out we have put our foot down and he is MUCH better. Thank you so much for everything, we have a dream come true dog and you guys have been wonderful in every-way! We couldn’t of asked for more!!!! Once again, tell everyone thank you for Ben, I don’t know how we lived without him! Connie,Texas ************************************************************************************************************************* Global K9 Group, Please accept my apology for not reporting on Jola sooner.  Jola has turned out better than we could have imagined.german shepherd, guard dog, loving, protection dog, safety, sanford, fl She’s intelligent, incredibly athletic and absolutely devoted to Susie and me.  She is truly a member of the family.  Hope you and your family are well, and have a great New Year. Best regards, Bob, Oklahoma     ************************************************************************************************************************* Global K9 Group, Frieda is GREAT!  Yesterday we spent sometime with her in the yard and a few of my family members came by to swim in the pool.  She was great…   Later in the afternoon John was practicing with her in the yard.  We love her very much; We are trying to be better handlers (parents) to Frieda.  We have to work on our repeating and saying the command words, we’ll get there. Tanya, Grand Cayman =================================================================================================== Hi, Having been stationed around the world, with the military, I guess trouble would come up sooner or later. In 2006 by leading a convoy through Iraq we happened to rollover a live IED in my lead vehicle. Although I remained alive I had serious injury to my legs, my spinal column, neck, collar bone, plus many other organs. I met with Global K9 Group and heard about their ‘wounded warriors’ plan of reduced prices on our obedience/protection dogs with added service dog training specifically provided for active soldiers. Before getting my new dog came back to the states and found that I was reluctant to leave my vehicle even when approaching a convenience store. This was all due to my lack of confidence in passing certain individuals hanging around the front of the store. Now with my beautiful German Shepherd and her training abilities I now have no problem going anywhere as long as my dog ‘Cinder’ is by my side Thank you to all my friends at Global K9 for helping to make me whole again.

Andrew M U.S. Army ========================================================================================================== Global K9 Group Just a short note to express my feelings of great comfort and security, To have such a well-trained and comfortable new dog living in my home. His name is ‘Lucky’ and I can now safely go with him for walks and visit my neighbors any time I wish. I am an elderly single person who always thought that having such a large dog would be troublesome. Now I know that with proper training and the dog’s personality my previous thoughts were unfounded. Thank you, thank you for making my life whole again. Edith. W St.Louis, Missouri